The current covid-19 epidemic is clearly the most pressing concern for most NH families and businesses.  If you or your family is in need, please contact Candace directly or go to any of the following information sources for help.  

For More Information About NH's coronavirus response, please go to:


NH Department of Health and Human Services or call 2-1-1 or 1-866-444-4211


For information on unemployment benefits, please go to: or call 603-271-7700


For Information on small business support, please go to:



In addition to addressing the current Covid-19 crisis, continuing to battle heroin and opioid addiction represents a top issue facing New Hampshire families.  In the State Senate, Candace will to fight for bi-partisan solutions to address the opioid crisis on multiple fronts including prevention, treatment, mental health and supporting our first responders.

Candace will also continue to fight for the victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence.  Candace will continue to advocate for legislation that makes it easier to identify, charge and prosecute perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse. 



On the Concord City Council and in the NH House of Representatives, Candace has built a solid reputation for supporting both our local and statewide economies, labor unions as well as working families.  Candace is a staunch supporter of a higher wages, affordable housing options for working families, job training, controlling business taxes and strengthening NH’s economic infrastructure.



Protecting access to quality healthcare is of paramount importance to Candace.  In the State Senate, Candace will fight back efforts to cut Medicaid and women’s healthcare options.  Now, more than ever, we need to stop efforts to slash the American Care Act and stop those intent on leaving Granite Staters without quality care.  



Candace is a strong advocate for early childhood education and supports efforts to strengthen k-12 public schools so NH children have the foundation they need to excel.  Candace also supports efforts to make higher education more accessible and affordable for working NH families.



Over the past several years, the NH State Senate has passed bipartisan legislation that supports NH schools, provides families with local property tax relief, strengthens the economy and supports working families without raising taxes.  As we look forward to the financial implications of the Covid-19, it is important to remember that we must work together to keep our families and NH’s economy secure while also keeping an eye on the bottom line.